What is Capricorn? Capricorn is one of the twelve zodiac signs available in astrology. It is the sign of the tenth house and it is the sun sign of all those people whose birth date falls in the range 21st December to 20th January of the preceding year. The word is derived from the word Capricornus from the constellation Capricornus.

The sign is denoted by the symbol of a goat with horns.

Why the symbol of a goat?

The symbol of the Capricorn zodiac sign is a sea-goat which is basically half mountain goat and half fish hence the reason behind the name “Sea-goat”, this half and half is evident as the face is that of the mountain goat with horns and the lower half of the body is tail which is made of the fin just like a fish, this is what is Capricorn symbol.

It is believed the Capricorn constellation shape looks similar to that of a sea-goat hence the particular symbol is given to the sign.

Personality traits of a Capricorn individual are that they are highly reliable and an inspiration to many around them. They are highly ambitious people and go on to achieve all of their dreams. They have great leadership qualities and are masters at what they do, the symbol of the Capricorn sign the “sea goat” is also termed as a “Master goat” and also this is why evidently Capricorns are masters at everything they put their hands into.

Their professional life is all about success and praises all along their path, they are stubborn to achieve their goals and fear failure hence work extra hard to overcome this fear. A Capricorn has rarely experienced a low phase or a setback in his career, this is because of their preparedness for worse case scenarios. Money flow is always good in their life however the decisions that Capricorns make in order to invest their money are sometimes wasteful and unnecessary or taken absent-mindedly.

Emotionally Capricorns can sometimes be a wreck, their fear of losing results in overthinking which leads them to get gloomy or fall into depression hence for Capricorns being surrounded by good partners and trusted friends is very necessary in order to stay sane with all the chaos going on in their head.

These all traits are what is Capricorn made of.